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Новый преподаватель английского языка!

Новый преподаватель английского языка!

What is teaching to you?

First of all teaching for me is a profession. And its hobby, something that I like to do, because I find lots of joy doing it.

Why Russia? Not Europe, not Asia?

When I was in Bangkok-Thailand for about two years, it felt like was long time. And I thought I should visit other places. I then started posting up my CVs online especially to websites which offered English teaching jobs internationally. Shortly after a couple of posts, I was contacted via Email asking if I would be interested working in Russia, which I agreed to instantaneously and we had to arrange for an interview via Skype. But in the same way I had other offers from other countries like Kazakhstan, China and Georgia. The offers were all attractive but Russian offer seemed better. Looking at my personal adventurous interests of seeing places, cultures and loving the weather and I thought, “Why not Russia?”

What impresses you most in Russia today?

Cold weather and nice people! In fact, I realized that people are much warmer and kinder than we’ve always thought. They are far better than I’d expected.

What is the main goal you have for this year?

My main important goal for this year is to see my mom, because I have not had a chance to see her last year, because I worked a lot and I was very busy. I had promised to see her last Easter which never happened. I made another attempt of seeing her this Christmas holiday. I’m pretty determined to do that. Even two days will be good enough.

Perhaps you already know what you want to learn here - in Russia?

I really want to learn Russian but more to that, I want to learn how Russians live: culture, traditions. I love to know about cultures. I believe coming in any country you need to know the people, and to know the people you need to know their cultures, norms and traditions. I’d love to learn a few winter games too. I could probably be the first black man to represent Uganda in winter games.

What can you say about our school?

I generally like the school. I think it’s an awesome institution of learning. I do not know much about my students yet, however the teachers, CEO, and other staff that I have come across, they are incredible. They are very helpful and easy to deal with. They’ve made my stay very warm and comfortable. I can’t complain.   

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